Basic Mini-Sweater Ornament

Mini-Sweater with Fair Isle color work

Jorstad Creek
Basic Mini-sweater Pattern by Kerry Graber

Materials:    Sock Yarn

Needles:      US #1 or #2

Notions:       Safety Pins, darning needle


 Body from the bottom up

  1. Using knitted-on cast-on method, cast on 32 stitches and divide on to 3 needles.
  2. Join by knitting one round in K1P1 rib, careful not to twist. Knit 3 rounds in ribbing.
  3. Change to stockinette, Knit around until the tube measures 2” from the beginning, (the cast-on row). (Optional – begin adding color work or texture stitches at 1”)
  4. Divide stitches on to two needles evenly – 16 stitches each.

Chest and Neck Yoke

  1. In stockinette knit 4 rows or about ¼ “ from the point you divided the stitches.
  2. With right side facing knit 5 stitches. Turn. Knit 6 rows for the right-side shoulder. Slip stitches on to a safety pin and leave a 3” tail.
  3. Slip the center 6 stitches on to another safety pin.
  4. Join the working yarn at the right edge of the remaining 5 shoulder stitches and knit 6 rows. Slip stitches on to a safety pin and cut yarn leaving a 3“ tail.
  5. Repeat steps 5 through 8 for the back.
  6. Slip front and back set of shoulder stitches back on to needles. Using a three-needle bind off, join the shoulders front and back.

Neck Rib

  1. Starting on the left side of the neck pick up 4 or 5 stitches.
  2. Slip the back 6 stitches from safety pin on to a needle.
  • Pick up the right stitches, then slip the front stitches on to a needle from the safety pin.
  1. Now you have all the neck stitches onto three or four needles, knit around in K1P1 ribbing, 3 rows. Bind off.


  1. Pick up 14 or 16 stitches around the sleeve opening and knit around until sleeve measures 1.5” long. (Optional – Add any colorwork or texture on the 5th or 6th) Switch to K1P1 ribbing. Bind off.
  2. Repeat for other side.

Finish by sewing in ends and block

Instead of using intarsia you can knit the basic plain sweater and then duplicate stitch with contrasting yarn to make embellishments like stars or an evergreen tree.


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